Stained Glass

The stained glass was imported from Germany, and was cut and joined together by GLAUSHAUS Sdn. Bhd. using lead similar to the way it is done in the Cathedrals in Europe and England.

The theme is "The Crucifixion"with the inspiration from the selected verse in John 12:32 - Jesus said, 'And I, if I be lifted from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.'

The central top cross of Christ with a halo is done in beautiful granite red.

Two smaller side crosses in paler antique red for the two thieves. The larger lower cross in the cathedral red with a white cross in the centre represents the cross of all Christians in the world , past, present and future. This white cross stands for holiness and purity of heart demanded by God for all believers.

Two orange flames of Desag colorescent glass below symbolise the Holy Spirit.

Below the top cross of Christ is blue glass shaped like a chalice denoting the last supper. Right at the top above the cross of Christ are small pieces of stained glass representing the broken body of Christ.

The various segmented colors below indicate the different nationalities and races drawn towards Christ.

The general flow of the design is made up of lines that sweep down or stretch up to our Saviour's cross denoting the encompassing love of God and our need to reach up to Him.
The dominant colors are red and blue. Blue is the Methodist color and the whole motif is framed in beautiful granite blue.

The stained glass was installed in November 1994. Wesley Church Penang was built in 1912.


by Dr. Lee Wee Hock
(November 1994)