List of resources available in the church library:


Copies Category Name of Book Author /   Publisher Year
  APOLOGETICS Why Believe? Greg Laurie 2002
  APOLOGETICS More Than A Carpender Josh McDowell 2005
  APOLOGETICS Thinking Clearly   About Truth Clive Calver 1995
  APOLOGETICS Know Why You Believe Paul E. Little 1970
  APOLOGETICS Faith & Fiction -   The Fallacy of the Da Vinci Code Robert M. Solomon 2006
x 2 APOLOGETICS Where Is God When It   Hurts? Philip Yancey 1996                 1997
  APOLOGETICS Can Man Live Without   God? Ravi Zacharias 1994
  APOLOGETICS Answering   Christianity's Most Puzzling Questions Richard Sisson 1982
  APOLOGETICS When Skeptics Ask - A   Handbool On Christian Evidences Norman Geisler &   Ron Brooks 1989
  APOLOGETICS How To Be A Christian In A Brave New World Joni Eareckson Tada 2006
  APOLOGETICS How Do We Know There   Is A God? John Warwick   Montgomery 1973
  BIOGRAPHY Climbing Up The   Mountain Dr Mattie Moss Clark 1994
  BIOGRAPHY J. Hudson Taylor Dr & Mrs Howard   Taylor 1981
  BIOGRAPHY Life Is An Attitude Ron Heagy &   Donita Dyer 1997
x 2 BIOGRAPHY William Shellabear Robert Hunt 1996
  BIOGRAPHY God's Trademarks George Otis Jr 2000
  BIOGRAPHY Hudson Taylor in   Early Years Dr & Mrs Howard   Taylor 1943
  BIOGRAPHY John Sung My Teacher Timothy Tow 1985
  BIOGRAPHY Jonathan Edwards -   The Great Awakener Helen K. Hosier Eve
x 3 BIOGRAPHY Every Day With Jesus   - Selwyn Hughes John Peters 1990
  BIOGRAPHY Personal   Journal of William Cameron Townsend 1917-1919 Founder of Wycliffe Translators Hugh Steven 1988
  BIOGRAPHY Fanny Crosby - The   Hymn Writer Bernard Ruffin <o
  BIOGRAPHY Miracle In The Mirror Mark Buntain 1981
  BIOGRAPHY Isobel Kuhn Lois Hoadley Dick 1989
  BIOGRAPHY T.H.E. Wind Is   Howling Ayako Miura 1990
  BIOGRAPHY Gifted Hands - The   Ben Carson Story Ben Carson, M.D. 1993
  BIOGRAPHY Many Waters Cannot   Quench D. Dunn Wilson 1969
  BIOGRAPHY Cricketer And Pioneer C.T. Studd 1982
  BIOGRAPHY A Quiet Courage Elizabeth R. Skoglund 1997
  BIOGRAPHY The Radical Wesley   and Patters for Church Revival Howard A. Snyder 1980
  BIOGRAPHY Journey Through The   Valley David Ng 1992
  BIOGRAPHY The God I Love Joni Eareckson Tada 2003
  BIOGRAPHY Only   Paralysed From The Neck Down - The Life & Ministry of Tom Brewster Dan Brewster 1997
  BIOGRAPHY When Iron Gates Yield Geoffrey T. Bull 1955
  BIOGRAPHY After The Heavy Rain Sokreaksa S. Himm 2007
  BIOGRAPHY Alabaster Doves Linda Holland 1995
  BIOGRAPHY This Child Must Die Anne Ruck 1991
  BIOGRAPHY An Intelligent Fire Gerald Coates 1991
  BIOGRAPHY Mountain Raid - A   Biography of James O. Fraser Eileen Fraser   Crossman 1994
  BIOGRAPHY John Wesley - Apostle   of England Joshua Daniel, M.A, 1993
  BIOGRAPHY The   Valley And The World - The Story of D.L. Moody for Teenagers Faith Coxe Bailey 1959
  BIOGRAPHY I Can Trace A Rainbow Sheila Miller 1989
  BIOGRAPHY Joni Joni Eareckson with   Joe Musser 1983
  BIOGRAPHY Goodbye Mr President Salem Kirban 1974
  BIOGRAPHY Maid In Taiwan Barbara North 1985
  BIOGRAPHY The Journal Once Lost   - Extracts From The Diary of John Sung Compiled by Levi 2008
  BIOGRAPHY Deliver Us From Evil Dr Tom Dooley 1956
  BIBLE STUDY Effective Bible Study   - A Guide To Sixteen Methods Howard F. Vos 1975
  BIBLE STUDY Ruth - A Woman Of   Worth Joyce Marie Smith 1985
  BIBLE STUDY Esther - A Woman Of   Courage Joyce Marie Smith 1981
x 2 BIBLE STUDY Walking In The Light Joyce Marie Smith 1986
  BIBLE STUDY A Rejoicing Heart Joyce Marie Smith 1981
  BIBLE STUDY Fulfillment Joyce Marie Smith 1986
  BIBLE STUDY Growing In Faith Joyce Marie Smith 1982
  BIBLE STUDY Spiritual Living Joyce Marie Smith 1985
  BIBLE STUDY A Listening Heart - A   Devotional Study Of Proverbs Joyce Marie Smith 1986
  BIBLE STUDY Job Francis I. Andersen 1974
  BIBLE STUDY The Answers Of Jesus   To Job G. Campbell Morgan 1950
  BIBLE STUDY The Challenge Of Old   Testament Women Sara Buswell 1987
  BIBLE STUDY The Challenge Of Old   Testament Women 2 Sare Buswell 1987
  BIBLE STUDY The Joy Of Discovery   In Bible Study Oletta Wald 1975
  BIBLE STUDY 12 Dynamic Bible   Study Methods Richard Warren 1984
  BIBLE STUDY Her Name Is Woman -   Book 1 Lien Karssen 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Hooked On The Word Ron Smith 1994
  BIBLE STUDY Knowing Scripture R.C. Sproul 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Words of   Encouragement Lion Publishing 1980
  BIBLE STUDY Ecclesiastes Michael A. Eaton 1983
  BIBLE STUDY The Answer's In The   Bible E.M. Blaiklock 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding The   Bible John R.W. Stott 1977
  BIBLE STUDY Decide For Yourself   How History Views The Bible Norman L. Geisler 1982
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching -   Righteousness William L. Lane Th.D. 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching -   Revelation Philip Crowe 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching - Jesus As Man H.L. Ellison 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching - God's Kingdom &   Church F.F. Bruce 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching - The Christian Vocation Colin A. Grant 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching - The New Man J.I. Packer 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching - Jesus As God James Philip 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching - Law and Love Harold H. Rowdon 1978
  BIBLE STUDY Understanding Bible   Teaching - The Trinity Geoffrey Grogan, BD,   M.Th 1978
  BIBLE STUDY In Heart And Home Robert E. Webber 1985
  BIBLE STUDY How To Begin An   Evantelistic Bible Study Ada Lum 1971
  BIBLE STUDY Guide To   Understanding Your Bible Josh Mcdowells 1984