All sermons are available on our YouTube channel.

7-Jan | 馬可 Mark 5:1-20 | 新的開始,更新的观念 A New Beginning, A Renewed Mind | Rev Hwa Jen

14-Jan | 馬可 Mark 5:21-43 | 耶稣能医治,他仍然这样医治 Jesus Healed, He Still Does | Mr Cheah Shu Young

21-Jan | 馬可 Mark 6:1-13 | 接受好消息,并去傳扬 Receive the Good News and Proclaim It | Mr David Ng

28-Jan | 馬可 Mark 6:14-29 | 施洗约翰之死 The Death of John the Baptist | Mr William Lim

*Kindly note that starting February 2024, we have ceased the public live stream of our Hokkien/Mandarin worship service. There will be no recorded sermons until further notice. We encourage you to resume in-person worship with us.